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Tealium iQ Tag Management

Round out your data foundation by collecting and delivering event data from the cloud. Setup one place to get your data and send it where it needs to go. Combine with Tealium iQ Tag Management in the Event Data Framework for a comprehensive client-side and server-side platform.


GDPR Compliance

The data governance opportunity from the General Data Protection Regulation and what to do about it.

Tealium helps companies with GDPR by supplying data governance tools giving visibility into the collection and usage of customer data, while also supplying tools for consumers to manage their data preferences. Combined with resolving customer identity across channels and devices giving a single view of the customer, these data governance tools allow organizations to better see and manage their usage of data to improve performance and mitigate risk.



The Benefits Of Visitor Stitching

  1. Better understand how customers interact with web, mobile, and IoT channels, and which devices are best suited for content creation, support, merchandising, and marketing initiatives.
  2. Key marketing technologies will be fueled with the freshest and most complete set of 1st party visitor behavioral data.
  3. MarTech tools operate at peak performance with key information needed for improved decision-making.
  4. Previously anonymous visitor behavior will fulfill critical gaps in customer knowledge when cross device activity is merged with known customer profiles.

Tealium EventStream

Tealium EventStream (docs) is a lightweight data collection and delivery solution ideal for mobile, IoT and connected devices— or desktop and web when efficiency is critical. It gives you ultimate flexibility to get all your cloud-based (server-side) data to one, central hub where anyone can orchestrate the data powering customer experience.

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