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A complete digital marketing solution

Sitecore Experience Cloud is a complete digital marketing suite with everything you need to create the most powerful, relevant, and individualized customer experiences. Demand more from your marketing technology and deliver insanely great contextual customer experiences—in real time and wherever your customers may be. Delivering tailored, contextual customer experiences is not as hard as you might think.

Just get started

As a marketer, you know you want to deliver personalized experiences, but very few brands, in our experience, actually know how to get started doing so. Marketers appreciate the value of contextual experiences, but are either intimidated or overwhelmed by what they perceive would be a substantial effort, or their organizational silos are too big a hurdle to wholly focus on the customer, or maybe they think gathering the data on customers that personalization requires is a bit creepy. Our recommendation? Just start. Take baby steps—crawl first, then walk, jog, and run. With Sitecore, it couldn’t be easier to put your customers' unique needs at the center of everything you do.


Forrester proves the value of Sitecore

Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact™ study and online calculator tool illustrate the results of managing the customer experience comprehensively with Sitecore. Based on a composite of four Sitecore customers, the study validates benefits vs. costs of implementing the Sitecore platform. Read the detailed study—summarized in an accompanying video and infographic—and try out the tool to discover the value your organization would realize from implementing Sitecore.



Make everyone a preferred customer

Imagine if you could offer every customer consistently individualized, relevant experiences—just when they’re ready for them and wherever they are. You’d need data on their current and previous interactions with your brand, regardless of channel; and you’d need your digital marketing platform to have a content system robust enough for enterprise-scale performance and ease of use. 

You’d need your commerce or marketing platform to be both integrated and flexible so that, when the customer is ready, content or offers get automatically dispatched wherever that customer is. With Sitecore Experience Cloud™, you get the holistic view of the customer needed to deliver the truly engaging experiences that make every customer feel like a preferred customer.


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