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Enterprise Analytics

Piwik PRO Web Analytics is available both on-premise and in the cloud. The solution is designed to help enterprises in data-sensitive industries obtain insights into the way their clients interact with their websites and web applications, while maintaining 100% data ownership.


Web analytics

Whether your site has a few visits per day or a few million, Piwik can help you gather and analyze important information about your users. Track Key Performance Indicators such as visits, goal conversion rates, downloads, keywords and many more. Expand Piwik functionality by adding new plugins from the Piwik Marketplace.

Ecommerce Analytics

Integrate Piwik with your ecommerce software in order to analyze revenue, orders, conversion rates, average order values and detailed product statistics. See which products are the most popular and the highest conversion rates. With Piwik, you can view in real time the detailed Ecommerce log, showing all visits that have made a purchase on your website, including those visitors who have abandoned their shopping cart with products left in them.See how to set up eCommerce tracking

Server Log Analytics

Use Piwik to make sense of your web server log data. All web servers generate access log files which contain all of the requests made to the server. You can import and analyse your web server logs using Piwik! In the same dashboard you will be able to analyze visit details, including IP address, URL, user agent, referrer URL, search keywords, campaign information and more. If you’re running a hosting company, you can even provide your customers with a modern and powerful analytics tool using Piwik. See how to set up Log Analytics

Intranet Analytics

Intranet websites hosted on an internal network generally have important security and privacy requirements, as is the case with governments, enterprise portals or universities intranets. They often require that the statistics software be hosted within the company’s or institution’s own infrastructure. Now there’s a better solution – Piwik is the ideal choice for intranet analytics. Read more about Intranet Analytics

Piwik versus Google Analytics

Maciej Zawadzinski is the Co-founder and CEO piwik PRO, which is piwik for business. So what’s piwik? it’s an open source alternative to Google Analytics.

Maciej: "There are various reasons to use Piwik instead of Google Analytics. One and for most reason is they want to collect data and they want to host them on their own servers, on their own infrastructure and that’s the primary reason why people turn to Piwik, because it’s one of the very few solutions in the market that can actually let you to self-host your data and have full control over it"

Source: Mixergy - How the startup you’ve never heard of is competing with Google Analytics – with Maciej Zawadzinski