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This is a selection of the technologies that we use to design and develop our Solutions and Project Applications for our customers. We believe in these technologies, we have tried them, tested them, put them through fire, kept 'em in water and held them on ice. We think these are the best for the projects and solutions that we develop.

Internally we like to call them our 'Building Blocks'. Platforms, development environments, libraries and programming languages. Many of them are Open Source, all have our 'Prisma IT Approved' label.

We have partnerships with many of the companies behind the technologies and we offer training on many of their platforms.  

Amazon Web Services

As a partner of Amazon we offer solutions, consulting and training on the numerous and ever growing products and services offerings on the AWS platform. This ranges from infrastructure services such as virtual networks to AWS architecture and AWS application services.

For more information on AWS Consulting, Training, Development and Managed Hosting, contact our specialists.

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Brightcove provides the most powerful cloud-based solutions for delivering and monetizing video across every connected device.

The partnership with Brightcove allows us to integrate their products and services into our solutions. Prisma IT is a Brightcove Consulting, Solutions and Training Partner. We provide training and personalised workshops to help you get the best out of their products and services.

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Piwik is the leading open source web analytics platform that gives you valuable insights into your website’s visitors, your marketing campaigns and much more, so you can optimize your strategy and online experience of your visitors.

Piwik is currently used by individuals, companies and governments all over the world. With Piwik, your data will always be yours.

Piwik is free, Open Source and has a GPL license.

Contact us and learn why Piwik might be the right web analytics tool for you

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Our roots lie with CFML. We have worked with, believed in and evangelized CFML from day 1. Railo is the fastest and most robust, Open Source CFML server available today. 

Together with ColdFusion, we support and use Railo were we believe it should be used.

Is Railo better than other CFML engines? In some cases yes and we use it in those situations. In other cases, other CFML engines (such as Adobe ColdFusion) is a better choice.

Let's discuss the differnces between the vendors and products in a phone call. 

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Datalogics provides Adobe eBook and PDF technologies for developers. 

They are a technical company. They provide us with the JAVA libraries that are used in Adobe LiveCycle. The short explanation: this gives our developers the possibility to develop and embed Adobe LiveCycle functionality in our own solutions and projects.

And believe us: that's way cool!

So, their technologies can help us solve your needs and problems and you wouldn't probably even notice that Datalogics technologies are involved.

That is how we believe technology should be: invisible and just there to help you.

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DocOrigin is the solution for generating professional, dynamic, high-fidelity business documents.

Whether you need to produce large volumes of invoices or statements, or a single customer letter, DocOrigin can handle your requirements quickly, easily, and affordably. You can leverage the data stored in legacy, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other line‐of‐business applications to provide customers, suppliers and employees with documents that contain the right information, in the preferred output formats, delivered to the desired devices.

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Mura CMS

Mura CMS is a high performance open source CMS that allows content contributors and developers alike to just get it done. It is being used by well known organizations as Apple, Intel, Nato and many more.

Prisma IT is the Mura Knowledge Center in Europe. We provice Mura consultancy, devlopment services, training and cloud based or managed hosting.


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Slatwall (ten24)

Slatwall is a powerful, open source e-commerce application that delivers a tremendous amount of flexibility for developers and robust features for users like Order Fullfillment, Promotions, Reporting, Inventory, Third Party Integrations and much more.


Prisma IT can provide all Webtrends tooling as Saas, on-premises or as a hosted service. Our services vary from tool implementations, technical and business consultancy, training, hosting and support.