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Ouders & Onderwijs

Parents & Education (Ouders & Onderwijs) may not be a name that triggers an aha! sense of recognition, but that’s about to change. The organization (formerly the National Parent’s Board) is highlighting a new image campaign with a completely redesigned website. 23G ( was contracted for the interactive design, and Prisma IT took care of the technology…

Fact sheet

  • Based on Mura CMS in combination with Railo
  • News and Blog with comment functionality
  • Knowledgebase with ‘explore’ feature
  • Contact en helpdesk options
  • Newsletter sign-up integration with MailChimp
  • Poll feature
  • Visitor statistics based on open source Piwik

Prisma IT realizes website


On the job content training

These are questions that Prisma IT answers on a regular basis. We had previously developed answer tree software for the Education Foundation. “We translated this solution to the Parents & Education website,” says Vincent de Winter of Prisma IT. “Visitors answer a few simple questions and instantly find the information they’re looking for. But the website isn’t just practical from the visitors’ perspective. We also provided on the job training for Parents & Education’s employees and made it easy to edit and add content. Important, because the field of education is very dynamic and Parents & Education wants to continuously provide up to date information!”


About this client

Parents & Education’s (Ouders & Onderwijs) goal is to provide parents and other stakeholders with accurate information about their children’s education. These days, ‘providing information’ is tantamount to ‘offering online information’, so the new website naturally fulfills a pivotal role in this endeavor. Building a website may sound simple, but there are challenges everywhere. For example, what’s the most effective way to guide busy parents to the exact information they’re looking for? How do you integrate ‘old’ content, such as newsletters, in the new web environment? And how do you make it easy for employees to add useful information?