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Dutch Railways

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Our Challenge

Realize a COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) solution to disseminate information and communications to a broad range of online and offline channels.

Our Approach

Prisma IT expanded the ALLIANT Suite to realize a scalable solution that not only meets today’s needs, but tomorrow’s as well.

The Result

Every day, over 400 editors use the ALLIANT Suite to communicate with the NS’ various target audiences. The ALLIANT platform API can publish to a wide range of channels: web, mobile, apps, Yammer and more.

Interesting fact

The ALLIANT Suite automatically geocodes and channel codes all content. With this information, the platform can easily publish content to any desired channel.

Tech stack

Java based backend. REST API handles the content distribution to all channels.

ePublisher NS

”Create once, publish everywhere"

Develop an efficient solution for publishing online and offline content. This was the assignment for Prisma IT by order of Dutch Railyways (NS). This means that several input and output channels have to be connected and that content needs to be created and spread by one system only. With access possibilities for a lot of different people working at different locations.

The solution for NS

ePublisher was especially developed for NS in the corporate identity. The backend is JAVA and REST API take care of the distribution to all different channels. ePublisher is a multi channel publisher and is a part of ALLIANT Suite, a platform completely dedicated to managing the online corporate strategy. 

Annually 2+ million messages

ePublisher is being used to communicate internally and externally. More than 2 million messages are being sent by different channels every year. Personalized messages and newsletters can be sent to specific target groups, for example conductors receive information on their handhelds while travelers see their messages on their mobile phones or by email.

On Board Information System

OBIS is a unique platform, connected to every NS train. The travel information is shown, alternated with infotainment or entertainment. During the train ride or while waiting on the station, you can catch OBIS anywhere.

Why Prisma IT?

NS Multichannel Manager Edger Louwaard did market research and Prisma IT turned out to be the best partner for the job, since NS needed a customized solution. Not only the standard channels like newsletters or social media needed to be connected, but also specific NS software solutions like NS Office 365/Sharepoint, nationwide spread displays and mobile NS applications.

What is the user experience?

• Easy to use. Messages are modular

• Various rights for each user

• Connected dashboard shows results of the content strategy

• Wider range and more efficient use of all the channels

The future of ePublisher

Ns as well as Prisma IT are constanly developing. With ePublisher on board of the trains a dynamic playlist is necessary, what happen when there’s an Amber Alert for example? Over 6000 displays travel over the Dutch railways, this demands a complex solution. Machine learning will create greater synergy between messages and receivers. Personal content is the future, therefor we connect marketing automation to the ePublisher. There are still many applications possible thanks to artificial intelligence, so ePublisher will become even more dynamic and keeps evolving.



About this client

Dutch Railways (NS)

With over 33,000 employees more than  1.2 millon people are being transported every day throughout the Netherlands. Informing personnel and travelers non stop is a priority of NS. Therefor NS is willing to invest in the development of the ideal platform to be able to communicate efficient and effectively.