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Realize an accessible Web Analytics platform that complies with the cookie legislation, that can generate the required reports quickly and reliably under a heavy load.


Prisma IT built an environment based on the open source Piwik platform that can handle large visitor numbers, and can also quickly add new websites.


Daily webstat monitoring of 180+ sites, with easy to generate prescheduled and on-demand reports. It is even possible to ‘isolate’ and filter data at a later time based on segments, so that analysts can zoom in on a subset of the data.

Interesting fact

The Ministry of General Affairs commissioned a custom feature to monitor campaigns in Piwik Pro, which they shared back with community as a free plug-in.

Tech stack

Open source web-based report platform. The very complete API means that the (already extensive) built-in reports can be almost infinitely expanded by add ing BI systems.

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"I’m very content with the PIWIK platform; Prisma IT definitely put us on the right track” 

About this client

Public and Communication Department (DPC-Dienst Publiek en Communicatie) is an agency of the Ministry of General Affairs and supports all departments and executing agencies of the central government in communicating with the public and professionals. DPC provides the information of the central government through and supervises the national campaigns . DPC does the central media buying . They also support the internal communication of the central government through a government-wide intranet and they offer knowledge and research to further professionalize the communication.