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ATLAS for worldwide transparence

Oxfam Novib is worldwide active in development areas. Prisma IT focused on an online solution for collecting globally project information based on a user friendly interface. The information must be publically accessible, but also for employees with different assigned rights. Several external sources provide the content.

Our Challenge

Realize a solution to make all(!) project information publicly accessible with a user-friendly interface, along with background information from a variety of external sources.

Our Approach

Prisma IT used the IATI standard to build a scalable solution that elegantly and effectively collects and presents information from disparate sources.

The Result

Project information is searched and presented in a visually pleasing manner. The turnaround time for information becoming available is reduced from oftentimes months to days.

Interesting fact

Oxfam can now present integrated and in-depth information about its full range of projects and programs to employees and public visitors alike.

Tech stack

Java based backend. Integration of data from SAP,, and other systems with a REST API.


Atlas oxfam novib

User friendly project browser

Mister Leo Stolk, Projectmanager ATLAS:” ATLAS Project Browser is a map showing the locations of all the different Oxfam projects. Not only sorted geographically, but also by the kind of project, whom offered the money and how the money is spend.”
You can search online on a map by using keywords, with a list of the filtered results. Of course it’s possible to zoom in on a specific project. There has been decided to include every piece of information. This means that you can find the successful projects, but also the projects with a less good result. This is the key to transparency. And this is what Oxfam stands for.

One platform, one Oxfam

ATLAS is also being used on intranet for internal use. Because Iframe and deeplink are used, specific information, for example about micro financing, can be shown only when authorized. In the backoffice everything can be assigned, authorized and created. The system is able to read all kinds of external sources, even of unusual sources. So every detail of each Ofxam organisation can be put into this system. Hopefully this will be the result.
Atlas Oxfam devices

Why Prisma IT

Thanks to friendly competitor ICCO Oxfam Novib came to Prisma IT. ICCO already has a comparable system and was willing to share the result. ICCO uses this system to visualize project information for stakeholders. With this in regard, Prisma IT developed ATLAS. 

What is the experience of  Oxfam ATLAS Project Browser

• Fast and steady, it feels secure

• Different sources can be read

• User friendly backoffice

• Easy to extend


Let’s say you want to start a project in Vietnam to support the local coffee farmers. ATLAS will show you easily comparable projects of Oxfam and their traps and results. So you know what to expect and you can learn from the experience Oxfam has, instead of reinventing the wheel. The goal is to present one Oxfam with the project details of all 19 organizations worldwide publically and for internal use. Presenting one Oxfam is a voice that needs to be heard by for example United Nations.





About this client

Oxfam Novib Netherlands

Oxfam is an international confederation consisting of 19 organizations worldwide. Together with partners and local governments Oxfam fights poverty in more than 90 countries. One in three human beings lives in poverty. Oxfam wants to lower this number by using practical and innovative ways to help the people. Rebuilding a neighborhood during a crisis or teaching the citiz