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Here's a selection of clients we created a relationship with. Most of these relationships are longterm. We believe that technology should always be in service of people and organizations. That is why we provide more than merely technology. We delve deep into our clients domain, empathize with their daily concerns and we take responsibility to solve their problems and challenges. Commiting to partnerships, long term results and the best possible solutions. That is where we get our inspiration from and that is why, for almost 25 years, we deliver 100% dedication.

Tweede Kamer

Based on our experience with (Web) Analytics, designing and developing Enterprise Dashboards and in working with the Dutch Government, Prisma IT has been selected a few years ago by the Dutch Lower House (Tweede kamer) as their partner for Web analytics support.

We provide training and support for all the Analytics services that the IT department of the Dutch Lower House provides for all Members of Parliament.

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Prisma IT is the hostingpartner of choice for the enterprise web analytics infrastructure, based on the open source PIWIK platform. With this infrastrusture, all of the group's international brands are served.

Our added value is that we not only care for the technical infrastructure for this massive platform. Our PIWIK specialists are also involved in the software solution, running on this hardware infrastructure.

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Oxfam Novib Netherlands

Is our money well spend? That is often asked to Oxfam Novib. 

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Dutch Railways (NS)

Develop an efficient solution for publishing online and offline content. This was the assignment for Prisma IT by order of Dutch Railyways (NS). 

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Royal Bank of Scotland

We have helped Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) with a number of Adobe LiveCycle projects. Our services ranged from training their technical staff, to application and cluster architecture, to advising, mentoring and helping the team of developers working out of India with the realization of LiveCycle based solutions.

Het Juridisch Loket

Het Juridisch Loket (hJL) is part of the Dutch Ministry of Law & Justice. hJL provides free advise and legal aid to Dutch Citizens. Prisma IT maintains the 'WebTop', a tailormade backoffice system, that helps employees of hJL, working out of 30 locations, to schedule and manage contacts and information between citizens and legal aid professionals. Integrated with this solution are Prisma IT Alliant® BI dashboard solutions.

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Dutch Government

 “I’m very content with the PIWIK platform; Prisma IT definitely put us on the right track”
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Stichting Opvoeden

"Stichting Opvoeden" is a highly valued customer for whom we have designed and developed a Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management System. Stichting Opvoeden uses this system to create and publish articles about the bringing up of children.

This information is shared with Municipalities and other interest organizations through a generic Application Interface (API).

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The mission of the ICCO is to work towards a sustainable society in which poverty, inequality and injustice have been eradicated, and men, women and children can live in dignity and security.

Prisma IT developed a (opendata) portal for ICCO that enables all of the internal stakeholders on- and offline access to a large data repository about all historic and ongoing projects. This solution works across many different devices.


For Nato's Special Operations Head Quarters (NSHQ), we have developed a custom build social communication platform that enables stakeholders of NSHQ to interact with each other on professional issues. Prisma IT realized this solution as a Mura plugin working in close cooperation with NSHQ's development team.

European Commission

For the European Commission's 'DG regio' Prisma IT has worked on a new version of their website, together with a complete modernization of their codebase. In this project we have also implemented MVC, OOP, SEO together with a brand new design. Check it out at