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Our certified trainers are all consultants, architects and developers who spend most of their time on real projects with real customers. That is what your people will take home from training with us: real world examples and "how-to's".

Training by Prisma IT

We have been focusing on training from the very early days. We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. We love to transfer our knowledge of the platforms and systems we use to your engineers and consultants. Our approach in training might be a little ‘off the beaten track’. We are not a big training organization and we don’t have dedicated trainers. And there is a reason for that. We believe training should be delivered ‘from the field’, by certified specialists who spent most of their times in ‘real projects’ with ‘real customers’.

So our trainers start as consultants, working on customer projects. Only when they have a vast knowledge of a platform or product, they can apply to become a certified trainer.
That approach enables us to guarantee you that our trainers will have ‘real life’ experience and that they transfer their knowledge of real projects.
We keep the group size small, we want to be sure to be able to give your people all the time needed to get the most value out of a training.

Our training offerings range from public training in our own training rooms to tailor made, specialised training in your offices or online. Please contact our sales people with all the questions you may have on training.


Training Offering

We offer training for the following vendors. With many vendors we have a Certified Training Partner (or better) status. Some of the training we provide is based on our day-to-day experience with the tools and platforms we use.


Adobe ColdFusion trainings

- Fast Track to Adobe ColdFusion 11

- Administering ColdFusion 10/11

As an Adobe Training partner we offer several trainings. 


Amazon trainings

- Systems operations on AWS

- AWS Technical Essentials

- Architecting on AWS

- AWS Business Essentials

- Big Data on AWS

As a AWS Partner, Prisma IT offers different Amazon trainings.



Matomo trainings

- Getting started with Matomo Analytics.

- Install a personalized dashboard

- Translate the web analytics to KPI's

After this training you know how to work with Matomo. You will be able to visualize and interpret the statistics of your website.