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We offer continuity

The important part of hosting is not the hosting itself. All hosting companies have datacenters, backup power systems, top notch hardware, dilithium powered networks operating at warp speed and Scotty in the engine room. So have we. Our infrastructure meets all your demands for resilience, security and flexibility. We have that and all the others have that too.

The real issue regarding hosting is your data. After all it is this data that describes what your organization is doing and how it is doing it. It is important data. You need to know where that data is, who is taking care of it, where it is stored, how it is secured and eventually when and how it gets destroyed.

We can take care of your data, secure it to the level you need through Service Level Agreements and make sure that your data is safe.

Hosting facilities

We are an Amazon AWS partner and we offer a full set of services to implement cost efficient and high quality cloud hosting for your company.  

But Cloud Computing is not for everyone. We also offer a broad range of hosting facilities from basic hosting to custom dedicated servers and J2EE Clustering, setup for disaster recovery in different time zones.

Specifically for web analytics services we provide Piwik and Webtrends hosting. Databases, such as Mysql and PostgreSQL and complex setups based on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or IBM's DB2 are supported. This includes, for example, grid or replication setups.
We support various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, Solaris and AIX.