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Prisma IT is dedicated to helping you realize superior digital solutions

Headquartered in Rotterdam, Holland, we have local people in different locations that know the local markets, cultures and languages.

We chose that setup to remain the local company that you have come to know over the last 2 decades but with a European reach.

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Who we are

Have Fun, Work Hard, Be Better.

That's our mantra. We like to have fun. Having fun is important when you work. It makes your work better. We work hard. Working hard is good, especially when you have fun doing it.

We believe the combination of working hard and having fun, combined with people that belong to the best in the business makes you better.

And that could be what you are searching for. A group of specialists that work hard, have fun and try to be better. 

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For more than 25 years we have been in a position to do what we love. Build robust, reliable, easy to use software solutions. And we not only love what we do, we also like to talk about it. Talking with love and passion to customers about what you do and how you would do it is called consultancy and training.

We want to do that with the best people in the industry with love for what they do. People that want to have fun, work hard and be better.

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