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Personalize digital experience

You know who your customers and prospects are, and what moves, inspires and commits them. This important customer data is regularly stored in multiple corporate databases. The question is how accessible this wealth of information is. Can you combine data from, for example, Marketing Automation, web analytics, CMS and CRM intelligently and offer your customers what they really deserve: a customer journey tailored to their individual preferences.

We want to and increasingly can store more customer data in our systems but in this case ‘more’ is not automatically ‘more’. If platforms don’t (properly) communicate with each other, any ambition to compose a comprehensive customer experience will remain elusive. Things become even more complex if the customer journey is a multi-device experience on pc, laptop, tablet and mobile. The ALLIANT Digital Experience Platform (ADXP) helps you to unlock and apply your customer information effectively. How? By connecting your applications to your marketing tools. From a customer perspective ‘more’ finally does become ‘more’!


Personal experience 

Make all your channels a unique trip for your customer and maximize conversion on all touchpoints. By showing only relevant and tailored content, your customer gets the best personal experience possible.

With DXP integration you can track campaigns right from the start. Full ads integration drive maximizes SEO traffic and conversion from lead generation to sales.


Real integration: marketing made easy

ADXP links all of your marketing tools together and continuously synchronizes data between platforms. You will never enter contact information into several different systems again, and you can access all of your customer information instantly online.


Personalized information

Show visitors what they want to see, when they want to see it. ADXP can dynamically generate personalized information for individual visitors based on their unique interests and profiles. Your content will always be relevant. 


Consistent communication

ADXP enables your marketing staff to write every message in line with your organization’s brand identity. Regardless the marketing channel – for example your web site, apps and social networks – and regardless the customer. The correct tone of voice is guaranteed with ADXP.


Leads? You’re in the lead

Intelligent contact profiles make it much easier to target specific audiences. Are people still comparing vendors and products or are they ready to purchase? Fine tune your marketing actions towards specific leads and convert greater numbers into paying customers.


Inbound marketing methodology

ADXP makes it easy to apply the latest inbound marketing insights (ADXP does the work for you!), making you easier to find online, and making it easy for a better class of prospects to find you; people who are genuinely interested in your brand, product or services!