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Multi Channel Publisher

Multi channel publisher

It lets you easily reuse your organization's content and assets through any possible channel. Publish content to all sorts of (E)CMS-Solutions, newsletters, mobile apps, social media, email and other marketing communication solutions even to offline (printed) media. Publisher has an intergrated narrow casting module. This enables you to publish recorded video and livestreams to your network and to selected TV sets.


Input Channels

With ePublisher you can either create or insert content and publish it too all sorts of channels, websites, newsletters, mobile apps, social channels, narrowcasting screens etc. We connect you to the best technologies available like digital asset management with video and image cloud and create maximum engagement with your customer.



Information Management

ALLIANT MCP is a multi-channel information-management solution. Its light-weight interface makes it possible for even less experienced users to create and manage content and then publish it to any possible channel.

The publisher can combine plain text, graphics and video(broadcastings) and will let users decide where and when the content needs to be published. Because of the use of open standards as HTML5 and CSS3, the platform will be able to publish to virtually any device.

Because of the advanced capabilities, MCP also enables companies to publish interactive games (check out our interactive mobile Pong game) and any other interactive widget or applet you can think of.

Especially for Dutch Railways (NS) we have developed ePublisher, with the look and feel of NS. ePublisher was created to measure the results of the content strategy.