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Analyze and build profiles


In the current digital era everything changes rapidly. So how can you keep up and, based on real-time information, stay focused and stay on the right track? Often all kinds of data is being collected, but only shallowly looked at. And that’s a waste, because there’s a treasure hidden in the collected data.

Online strategy

A successful strategy falls or stands with the right input. But how do you know where you stand? Prisma IT offers a unique insight in all of your available data sources. Applying multi source analytics is the starting point. We extract the right data from the different sources. 

Seamless experience

This data is the basis for a seamless experience on all channels and helps you to really understand your customer. And it's fully compliand with AVG.

We will help you integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning for automatic generation of personalized content for your marketing and communication teams. 

Data sources

• Social media

• Websites (CMS)

• Campaigns

• SharePoint

• Intranet

• Narrowcasting

• Digital newsletters

• Project database (ERP)

• Sales/Marketing (CRM)

• Mobile apps


business intelligence

Enterprise dashboard

With ALLIANT BI Enterprise dashboard we offer you a powerful solution to visualize and concretize important data. Now you can manage your strategy based on up to date facts and have a real time insight in where you stand. The ALLIANT BI platform offers you an easy way to improve and optimize your online goals.

Visualize business KPIs

• Improve the total customer experience

•  Reduce offline services like for example call center costs

• Improve self-reliance for digital visitors

• Optimize customer journey

• Measuring the results of the content through different channels