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Business Solutions

Our Repeatable Business Solutions are Made-To-Measure Software Applications from Standard, Open Building Blocks. Internally nicknamed our "box of Lego Bricks", we use the technologies we have embraced to build robust Software Systems that support your Business Processes.



The ALLIANT Suite® framework is a fully integrated, affordable, open enterprise platform, consisting of Open Source building blocks.
Designed to fullfill your different needs in IT solutions.
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Multi Channel Publisher (MCP)

ALLIANT MCP is the ultimate multi-channel publishing solution.
Connect every input and output channel through one user-friendly platform. 
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Business Intelligence

If collecting data is not sufficient.
Keeping track of real time data of different sources and develop your strategy based on facts.


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Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

…because every customer journey should be a personal experience.
Synchronize data and marketing tools to create the tailor made customer journey.
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A robust and open Portal Solution that enables your organization to share collective and individual knowledge. 
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