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Business Solutions

Our Repeatable Business Solutions are Made-To-Measure Software Applications from Standard, Open Building Blocks. Internally nicknamed our "box of Lego Bricks", we use the technologies we have embraced to build robust Software Systems that support your Business Processes.




The ALLIANT Suite® framework is a fully integrated, affordable, open enterprise platform, consisting of Open Source building blocks.

ALLIANT Suite®  is available in an on-premise environment, hosted in our datacenters and on an On Demand Elastic Infrastructure.

‘Keep what you have, add what you need’. No forced replacement of systems. We only add what you need. No Divestments, no wasted time. An incredible ROI.

‘The way it is supposed to be’.

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Multi Channel Publisher (MCP)

ALLIANT MCP is the ultimate multi-channel publishing solution. It lets you easily reuse your organization's content and assets through any possible channel.

Publish content to all sorts of (E)CMS-Solutions, newsletters, mobile apps, social media, email and other marketing communication solutions even to offline (printed) media.

Publisher has an intergrated narrow casting module. This enables you to publish recorded video and livestreams to your network and to selected TV sets.

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Business Intelligence

If collecting data is not sufficient

In the current digital era everything changes rapidly. So how can you keep up and, based on real-time information, stay focused and stay on the right track? 

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Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

…because every customer journey should be a personal experience


You know who your customers and prospects are, and what moves, inspires and commits them. This important customer data is regularly stored in multiple corporate databases. The question is how accessible this wealth of information is. Can you combine data from, for example, Marketing Automation, web analytics, CMS and CRM intelligently and offer your customers what they really deserve: a customer journey tailored to their individual preferences.

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A robust and open Portal Solution that enables your organization to share collective and individual knowledge. Sharing information is the key to creating a more effective organization.

ALLIANT Portals helps to get people, both internal and external to get involved and helps people to connect and communicate through easy to use collaboration tools.

Portals combine the power of self-service, knowledge sharing, collaboration and publishing solutions, social networks and integrated application support.

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