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We believe it is important that we are aware of relevant and pragmatic solutions to today's challenges. For this we test, research and apply innovations to continuously offer our customers the best available in the market and to stay one step ahead of the mainstream.

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Our Java applications are tailor-made and compatible with any digital device. Java is the most used technology for future-proof critical applications.

Prisma IT uses different Java frameworks and we combine these with modern front ends such as Angular Js and React.

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Matomo (formerly Piwik) is an open analysis platform that is used by individuals, companies and governments around the world.

Matomo offers insights into online environments for optimization and conversion purposes. With Matomo your data is always yours and you meet the complete AVG.

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Umbraco is an open source Content Management System that is loved by thousands because of its flexibility and great editing experience.

Use Umbraco and let us take care of installation, configuration and maintenance. Focus on your business and we ensure that Umbraco provides excellent support for your company.

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Brightcove offers cloud solutions for delivering and generating video on any device. Brightcove enables us to integrate their products and services into our solutions. Prisma IT is a Brightcove Consulting, Solutions and Training Partner.

We offer training and workshops to help you get the best out of their products and services.

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Pictures tell more than a thousand words. Delivering the right photo and version for each type of content, however, means creating variants that match all designs, layouts and resolutions, while optimizing performance.

Prisma IT integrates Cloudinary for an intuitive experience.

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Sitecore Experience Cloud is a complete digital marketing package for the realization of your website and everything you need to create the most powerful, relevant and personalized customer experiences. Take control yourself.

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Adobe ColdFusion is a development platform for building modern web applications. It offers a fast and targeted development method and is very suitable for integration techniques.

ColdFusion is designed to be expressive and powerful . With the expressive feature you can perform programming tasks at a higher level than most other languages

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The .NET technology is inspired by Java.

This combines the advantages of Java principles with high interchangeability with existing Windows programming environments, making it a very interesting development platform for much of the software that existed in Visual Basic or C ++ for .NET.

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Tealium helps with GDPR by providing data management tools that provide insight into the collection and use of customer data, and also offers tools for managing data preferences.

This tool is for data management organizations to better see and manage their use of data to improve performance and mitigate risk.

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