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Thanks to the modular structure of our SaaS platforms, we can tackle your challenge quickly and robustly with new and proven software. Enjoy fast delivery, unique knowledge and a broad community behind all our products.

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Digital Signage


Digital Signage also called narrowcasting is digital communication via screens at any location, at any time and the communication is fully attuned to the right audience. Communicate with employees, customers and passers-by.

Create inspiring content yourself and compile your smart broadcasts. The software works logically and is user-friendly and is powerful enough to manage complex content strategies across multiple locations. Links ensure that content is automatically provided with the latest news.

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ATLAS is a project monitor for global complex and integrated projects. It is a complex multi-source project viewer that provides a worldwide view of all Oxfam Novib projects

Through a fully linked backend from various central and decentralized sources, a transparent insight can be obtained into the financial and qualitative status. ATLAS provides the information at the micro level and can read in all different, sometimes deviating, sources. It offers organizations all project data in a comprehensive overview.

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Data Intelligence


A good strategy can only be achieved by correct steering information. But how do you know in the meantime whether you are on the right track? Prisma IT provides a unique insight into all your available data sources.

The dashboard is a powerful solution for visualizing all your available data and translating it into tangible information. This offers you the possibility to focus on current facts and provides you with real-time insight so that you keep the right course. The platform offers you a grip to improve and optimize all your online objectives.

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