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With our research and development department we convert possibilities into solutions. We implement these in our software applications. We are happy to share this knowledge with you. We convert innovations into modular and generic software modules. As a result, we offer solutions quickly, reliably and attractively.

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comp:00005dcb63a5:00000000d8:0b0e Multichannel communication



Your message on multiple channels

Everything within ePublisher is focused on create once, publish everywhere, including when the optimal source is another application.

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comp:00005dcb63a5:00000000de:0b0e Wayfinding and digital signage



Discover why wayfinding and digital signage are becoming increasingly popular

Wayfinding and digital signage is the name for a digital journey in the offline environment.

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comp:00005dcb63a5:00000000dd:0b0e Get more out of Social media: Content analysis



Why social media content analysis is so important

The process by which social data is collected and analyzed.

/__uuid/01563f21-504c-4c2c-9c9a-1cb9e665908c/Social-analyse.jpeg /__uuid/1e46d9e5-1d64-4f0d-9743-ed0bc3d6be04/index.xml Haal meer uit Social media: Content analyse - Prisma IT _self 0 0
comp:00005dcb63a5:00000000df:0b0e B2B Data driven marketing



B2B: Time for the next data step

Companies must start to think differently if they want to take the next step in data-driven marketing.

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comp:00005dcb63a5:00000000d6:0b0e B2E the success of Business To Employee



B2E: The success of Business To Employee

However, the new B2B is Business To Employee, or B2E. It is a principle that focuses on the human side of business.

/__uuid/e4f275f9-ca33-46b8-946b-1e03d64695c9/B2E-Employee.jpeg /__uuid/47bd6caf-0958-45ae-a06a-1ebec31f996c/index.xml B2E het succes van Business To Employee - Prisma IT _self 0 0
comp:00005dcb63a5:00000000d7:0b0e B2C for more qualitative leads



B2C: Content for qualitative leads

As a company, unique content is one of the most important elements to bring the business to a high level.

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The role of algorithms in artificial intelligence



The role of algorithms in AI, or artificial intelligence

Algorithms and AI or KI, artificial intelligence, are inextricably linked.

/__uuid/76cab95e-0eed-4e66-b7a1-c7490b7d785b/artificiele-intelligentie.jpeg /__uuid/7d0dbb3d-84ea-4537-ad69-3090e47d66ba/index.xml De rol van algoritmes in artificiële intelligentie - Prisma IT _self 0 0 comp:00005dcb63a5:00000000fa:0b0e
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